Get Certified for Logo & Website Contests

Earn more money by designing websites - no coding needed!

To get certified for these contests, we need to see an example of a great looking website.  First create a free Jimdo website using the link below. Next, add a sample logo that you designed and use it as the basis for the colors, fonts, styles and content of a 4-5 page website. Make sure every page has headings, text, images, buttons, and more, just like if you were building it for a customerWhen you're done with the website, complete this form to share your work. If you are new to using Jimdo or need help learning the system, please work through some of the tutorials on this website.


Note: please do not build a personal portfolio website; pretend you're creating a website for a real Logo & Hosted Website contest. Here are a few examples of websites created in real contests:


North Star Dental Care

MASH Learning

Verdant Frenchies

Colorado Cotton Candy Co.

Build your example website

Please use this button to create your website.


Once you've created your website, please complete the following steps:

  1. Pick a template you think is perfect for your Jimdo website
  2. Upload your sample logo to the website
  3. Modify the website's background image, colors and fonts to complement your sample logo
  4. Add new pages to the navigation (your sample site should have 4-5 pages total)
  5. Fill these pages with sample text and images
  6. Complete the form below. (Note: your Jimdo website url will be something like 

Submit your website for review

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.